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Eco luxury at Banyan Tree Mayakoba, Mexico

My Story


The product of hippy parents, I was born Radha Amber McLean, and raised on a vegetarian diet. My mother, originally from New York City, was a first generation Russian-American Jew, while my father descended from early American pioneers. 

Northshore, Oahu, circa 1980s

When I was three months old, my parents whisked me off from Northern California to the Northshore of Oahu, Hawaii, where I grew up cooking vegetarian food, climbing trees and swimming along side sea turtles and mahi mahi. As an adolescent, I embraced passions for dance and reading. At 15, my family moved to San Francisco, California, where I attended a high school of the arts for dance.  

A Publishing Career in the Making 

Following my undergraduate education in Literature in California, including one year studying abroad in France, I moved to New York City. My decades-long career in publishing began in the marketing departments of food and wine magazines, followed by a master’s degree in journalism at New York University and staff writing positions at healthcare magazines.

My Writing & Blogging Journey 

By my 20s, I had lived in Europe, and shuttled between New York, California and Hawaii countless times. A publishing friend was launching one of the first online travel magazines called New Traveler, so I came on board as the Executive Editor in the early 2000s. Since then, I have been managing the content of health publications and writing freelance content for health, travel and wellness outlets. I find fulfillment knowing that I am responsible for bringing educational content to the world–my singular role in making the world a better place.

After getting married and experiencing pregnancy, organic diet and vegetarian nutrition became a passionate subject I researched with abandon. With the help of my sister, Dr. Thauna Abrin, ND, my research resulted in publication of A Green Pregnancy Diet, which was chosen as a finalist for the 2010 Indie Book Awards.

first blog on healthy parenting

A few years later, I switched from a vegetarian to a vegan diet. I continued to chronicle my healthy lifestyle journey, this time as a mother cooking healthy foods and choosing sustainable products for a family, with publication of the now archived eco-friendly parenting blog Sweet Bean Home.

I’ve experimented cooking and baking with every type of legume, whole grain flour and natural sweetener under the sun. I share some of these recipes in the Vegan Food section.  

Circling Back to Travel

After many years as a wife, parent and publishing professional, the COVID pandemic enforced the downtime I needed to process my life journey, explore new challenges and pursue revived passions.

her healthy passport doing beach yoga at Secrets Aura Cozumel
teaching beach yoga in Mexico

I brainstormed ways to incorporate travel, food and fitness into my professional life. I became certified as a yoga teacher, and began traveling regularly as a guest yoga instructor at resorts in tropical locations. I discuss this process and chronicle those trips in Yoga & Wellness

I now travel frequently-at both luxury and budget price points-for vacations, business trips and freelance assigments. I research bucklist locations for awe-inspiring natural and culture activities, eco-friendly features, wellness offerings and healthy food options. I incorporate these priorities when choosing destinations, activities, resorts, hotels and restaurants.  I chronicle my travel research, knowledge and experiences in the Travel section.  

Punta Sur Eco Beach Park
Punta Sur Eco Beach Park, Cozumel

Sharing With You!

I’ve spent my entire life traveling and making healthy lifestyle choices. It is the culmination of this lifelong journey that I present her healthy passport to the world–intended for people from all walks of life interested in learning, finding inspiration or simply browsing as I share experiences, knowledge and resources. The world is a glorious place–it is our privilege as humans to explore it responsibly and respectfully.  

One final thought. It is the cumulative effort of each individual that leads to the enlightenment of society as a whole.  Why not start making a positive difference right now?   

I welcome comments! I can be reached @ amber@herhealthypassport.com.