These 5 Dreamy Deep Sleep Music Podcasts Will Help You Fall Sleep at Night

If you’ve ever had trouble falling or staying asleep, these podcasts featuring soothing sounds are just the thing you need to try. The human brain recharges overnight during sleep, not unlike a computer in sleep mode. And deep sleep–or Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep–is the most nourishing and productive period of sleep when the body repairs and regrows tissues, builds bone and muscle, and strengthens the immune system. In fact, numerous medical studies have proven this hypothesis, according to a 2021 analysis of 16 sleep music studies.  

If you fall asleep on and off throughout the night but don’t fall into a deep sleep, you simply won’t feel refreshed because your body hasn’t been able to recharge. Listening to deep sleep music might help.

This curated list features a variety of sounds, from lulling acoustics to rain drops to repetitive piano concertos. All of the podcasts can be accessed on Spotify, Google Play and Apple Podcasts, in addition to other online platforms.  

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Deep Sleep Music and Meditation Sounds for Gentle Sleep 
Ambient Noise Online

This Ambient Noise Online podcast sponsored by the Candy Music Network has dozens of episodes of soothing background sound designed to lull you into a deep sleep and keep you there. Each episode is eight to 10 hours long, so you can click start, let it play all night long, and wake up to the same nourishing, relaxing sounds many hours later. 

The DEEPEST Healing Sleep
The Mindset Meditation Podcast

Mindset Meditation Podcast

This 2-hour playlist by the Mindset Meditation Postcast exemplifies the epitome of relaxation. Designed to detoxify your mind of thoughts and emotions that don’t serve you, the binaural beats with gongs and bird chirps may help you fall into a state of full relaxation. 

Soft and Quiet Rain
ASMR Rain Recordings

If you find the sight, thought and sounds of rain soothing, this playlist by ASMR Rain Recordings may be for you. The one-hour recording captures the hypnotic repetitive pings of soft raindrops. 

Into the Clouds: Piano Music for Sleep
Deep Sleep Sounds

This 8-hour compilation of peaceful string instruments and piano are designed to simulate a sense of weightless floating that may help you fall into a tranquil sleep.  The Deep Sleep Sounds podcast includes hundreds of other episodes, each with a unique combination of soothing sounds, from white noise to forest sounds to lapping water.  

Ambient Chill 2023

This epically long 15-hour playlist of ambient sounds by Spodify contains no beats, vocals jarring tones. The playlist features independent musicians like @Silent_Yoda and Cornelius playing gentle string instruments.    

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