Easy-to-Follow 20-Minute Power Yoga Flow

Downward Dog Pose

This easy-to-follow yoga flow is the perfect exercise regimen to increase your heartrate and stretch your muscles in a short amount of time. It’s designed for all levels of yoga ability and can be completed in 20 minutes. Below is a step-by-step list of instructions with photos and explanations of the poses (asanas) in capital letters, and advanced options for experienced yogis.

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Happy flowing!

Step-by-Step Instructions for Easy Power Yoga Flow

Childs Pose
Low Lunge
Low Lunge Forward Fold
Modified Side Plank
Downward Facing Dog
Forward Fold/Knees Bent
Standing Pose
Warrior I
Warrior II
Reverse Warrior
Forward Fold
On Back/One Knee Bent
Extend Bent Leg
Modified Pidgeon
Reverse Plank
Seated/Legs Straight
Reach Foward
Seated Forward Fold
Resting Pose
  1. Set yourself up in comfortable, light clothing and an exercise mat on the floor. Play music for inspiration!
  2. Sitting on your shins facing the front of the mat, press your hips back and down to your heels into CHILDS POSE. Extended your arms forward with hands faced down on the mat.
  3. Take 3 long, deep breaths.
  4. Sit up on your knees and step your right foot forward into LOW LUNGE. Make sure your knee is directly in line with your ankle (not forward of your ankle). Put your hands in prayer.
  5. Take 3 long, deep breaths.
  6. Straiten your right leg. Take a deep breath and extend your spine, pressing your chest slightly forward.
  7. Lean over your right straight leg into a LOW LUNGE FORWARD FOLD. Take 3 long, deep breaths.
  8. Turn your torso left so that you are facing the side of the mat. Extend your right leg straight toward the front of the mat. Lift your right arm, and reach your hand up and over your head, reaching through the tips of your fingers. You’re now in MODIFIED REVERSE WARRIOR. Take 3 long, deep breaths.
  9. Turn forward to the front of the mat and bend your right knee again, going to LOW LUNGE.
  10. Step your right foot back and press your hips back to CHILDS POSE.
  11. REPEAT STEPS 4-10 either 2 or 4 more times (3-5 times total). You can increase your speed by taking one breath per movement.
  12. Repeat the entire sequence 3-5 times on the left side with the left leg.
  13. After completing the left side then pressing back to CHILDS POSE, straighten your legs and press your hips up to DOWNWARD FACING DOG. Take 3 long, deep breaths.
  14. Bend your knees and press your hips back down to CHILDS POSE. Advanced version: Hold in plank or do a full chaturanga.
  15. Repeat steps 13 and 14 2-4 more times (3-5 times total).
  16. After the last DOWN DOG, bend your knees and step up to the front of the mat with bent knees, folding your body over your legs in a FOWARD FOLD with bent knees. Take 3 long, deep breaths.
  17. Roll your spine up to the standing position. Put your hands into prayer and take a deep breath.
  18. Step your left foot back and bend your right knee into WARRIOR I, pressing your right hip back and your left hip forward. Take 3 breaths.
  19. Open your arms and turn sideways to the left into WARRIOR II, keeping your front knee bent. Take 3 breaths.
  20. Reach up and back over your head with your right hand into REVERSE WARRIOR. Take 3 breaths.
  21. Put your hands in prayer, turn your torso (legs do not move) sideways, and bend both legs into a SQUAT. Take 3 breaths.
  22. Repeat steps 18-21 from 2-4 times (3-5 times total). You can speed up the pace with one breath-one movement.
  23. Repeat the entire standing sequence 3-5 times on the left side.
  24. Lie down on your back on the mat with your legs straight.
  25. Extend your right leg up and your left leg forward.
  26. Bend your right knee and extend your right left forward as you lift your left leg up. Repeat on the left side. Then 4 more times on each side, for a total of 10 times.
  27. Squeeze bent knees into your chest.
  28. Press your right ankle on the inside of your left knee. Pull your left knee toward your chest into MODIFIED PIDGEON. Take 10 breaths.
  29. Repeat on the left side.
  30. Lie down on your back with your legs straight, resting on the mat. Place your hands alongside your hips. Press your hands into the mat. Lift your hips up, pressing them toward the ceiling into REVERSE PLANK. Take 3 breaths.
  31. Lower hips back onto the mat.
  32. Sit up with your legs straight. Press your hands into the mat alongside your hips. Extend your spine long. Take a deep breath.
  33. Tip your chest forward, keeping your spine long. Take a deep breath.
  34. Exhale and release your breath as you drop your head and torso toward your legs into a SEATED FORWARD FOLD. Take 3-5 breaths.
  35. Roll down to the mat so that you are lying on your back.
  36. Reach your arms over your head then drop them behind you, reaching through the tips of your toes and feet. Take one last long, active breath.
  37. Release your arms by your sides, palms facing the ceiling, into RESTING POSE.
  38. Close your eyes.
  39. Release your breath into relaxed, rhythmic breathing.
  40. Think of a positive mantra to say to yourself, such as “I am at peace,” or “I’m awesome for doing this flow!”

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