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Guide to Online Gluten-Free Resources You Can Use When Traveling

Gluten-free vegan bakery cake

How many times have you googled “Gluten-free bakery near me?” Likely a lot. For those who have celiac disease, an intolerance to gluten, or just prefer to eat less food with gluten, finding gluten-free food is challenging in general. But finding gluten-free bakery items is nearly impossible—wheat flour is the standard ingredient for most baked goods. Now, with the advent of mobile device apps, delivery services, blogs and online resources, you’ll be able to find a gluten-free bakery near you, one that will deliver to your doorstep, or the inspiration to bake yourself.

Below are her healthy passport picks for the best gluten-free bakery resources.  Call ahead before visiting a brick-and-mortar bakery to ask for vegan, daily and seasonal options that may not be listed on the web sites.

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Find Me Gluten-Free App

Find Me Gluten-Free App
Find Me Gluten-Free App

The Find Me Gluten-Free App is pure brilliance! With a download into your device, then few clicks, you can find bakeries in your area that are either completely gluten-free, or that sell gluten-free items. Be sure to call the business to confirm before going or placing your order online.  

Lists of Bakeries that Deliver Nationwide

Love to Know

If there is a local gluten-free bakery hear you, lucky you. If not, gluten-free bakeries are starting to offer nationwide delivery in the United States. This comprehensive list by Love To Know provides descriptions and contact information for each bakery.

Celiac and the Beast

This gluten-free bakery delivery list by blog Celiac and the Beat is a few years old, but has recommendations based on personal experience tasting the food and using the delivery services.  

Online Shopping & Meal Delivery Services


Instacart is a larger online grocer that offers a huge array of gluten-free products, including freshly baked cakes and cookies. All of the gluten-free recipes on her healthy passport have clickable links to Instacart, where a shopping cart populates with all of the ingredients from the her healthy passport recipes.

Thrive Market

Thrive Market is another online grocer that sells a nice selection of gluten-free baked goods. You can use vegan and gluten-free filters on the home page to peruse options and customize your shopping list.  

Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot vegan gluten-free meal delivery service is another option for home delivery of gluten-free desserts. The meal kits and prepared meals at Purple Carrot are all vegan and gluten-free, taking the effort and worry 0ut of painstakingly the reading labels of store-bought baked goods. You can purchase cookies and donuts a al carte on the web site without having to commit to purchasing a meal plan.

Gluten-Free Blogs

Oh She Glows

Oh She Glows Vegan Gluten-Free Blog
Oh She Glows Vegan Gluten-Free Blog

This beautiful blog with incredible dessert recipes is an all-time favorite of vegan and gluten-free home cooks. All of the baked goods are 100% dairy, egg and gluten-free. Angela, the content creator of Oh She Glows, has also published a bunch of cookbooks as well. If you haven’t bookmarked this blog, now is the time.

Delightful Adventures

The under-the-radar blog Delightful Adventures features a nice selection of 100% vegan, gluten-free dessert recipes. Filters allow you to search by dietary restriction, season, appliance.

Nomadic Fitzpatricks

The Nomadic Fitzpatricks gluten-free blog has an impressive travel section, with gluten-free travel guides organized by country. Definitely check out the resources here if you’re hitting the road for a vacation or work trip.

Educational Resources

Celiac Disease Foundation

It goes without saying that education is the foundation of knowledge and making healthy lifestyle choices, especially for those with celiac disease. The Celiac Disease Foundation is an excellent resource for dietary and travel information for those living with a gluten-free diet.

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